Does Your Diet Affect Your Chance Of A UTI? | Health Alert Australia



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October 13, 2020 1 min read

You may have heard that your diet can affect your susceptibility to urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Many websites claim that you should avoid certain foods and beverages while optimizing your intake of others to treat and prevent recurrent UTIs.

However, many of these recommendations aren’t backed by sound science, leaving many people to question whether any dietary pattern or specific foods can treat or prevent UTIs.

This article explains how your diet contributes to UTIs and suggests evidence-based lifestyle and dietary modifications that may help prevent and treat UTIs.

Can your diet prevent or treat UTIs?
Although many websites claim that your diet has a lot to do with UTIs, there’s a lack of evidence supporting this association.

While some studies have shown that certain beverages and dietary patterns may increase susceptibility to UTIs, there’s limited research on how your diet affects your risk of developing UTIs, or whether certain foods and beverages can limit the length or severity of a UTI.

In fact, according to research, your diet and fluid intake are not considered independent risk factors for UTIs.

Still, the available research on dietary pattern, foods, and drinks that may affect your risk of developing a UTI is covered in the following section.